Weekly News Roundup – Week of October 5th

Weekly News Roundup – Week of October 5th

Hello there fellow gamers, it’s been almost 2 weeks since we last came together for a Weekly News Roundup! Luckily it’s back and better than ever, with some exciting news, reviews and fun weekly content that has released over the past week! It’s the first week of the Spooky-month; so turn off the lights, brew yourself a hot cup of cursed coffee and let’s get spooky with a new Weekly News Roundup!

A Maximum Review

“Despite a few minor issues, Crysis Remastered continues to prove that it’s nothing short of a technical marvel; as it adds Raytracing to current-gen consoles and pushes PCs to their limit with it’s insane “Can It Run Crysis?” mode. The gameplay remains distinctly unique and delivers a thrilling experience that has yet to be replicated, while featuring satisfying plot twists that make it more than just another military shooter. This is a maximum nostalgic return that brings a breath of fresh air to modern gaming.” -GRUNT 4500. Nanosuit up and read the full review Crysis Remastered at this mysterious island!

Weekly Content

This week we have special instalment of the Game Recommendation full of spooky games to play this season! Everything from true survival horror, action-horror and even anti-horror! Discover some award winning horror games and learn why they’re so good in this haunted recommendation!

We also have a special opinion on the game Path of Exile, and why you should avoid new abilities when starting out a new league. There’s a lot of good reasons and strong arguments worth looking into if you’re playing Path of Exile! Be sure to check out this amazing article, as it may help you out a ton!

Spooky News

A new horror game called Mundaun is being pencilled for a 2021 release, and it looks freaky! The game will have “hand-drawn visuals” and what they describe as a unique fear system; which will decide on how the character will control, which in turn should create more fear! This horror game looks very unique, so learn more about it here!

There’s a brand new rave horror game on the horizon that will launch before Halloween called Strobophagia: Rave Horror. This game will have you lost amidst neon colours and dancing people; and when the organizers announce that the cost of entry is your life, you must escape! Find more about this unique horror game here!

Twitch loves horror games and Phasmophobia has manifested itself its’ new surprise game! The idea of the game is to have the player and three friends become ghost hunters; each player carries tools of the trade while the enemy could be a ghost, demon, poltergeist, etc. It’s been exploding with popularity, so come learn more about the game to stay up to date with everything!

Pixel News

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an absolute juggernaut of a game, and it’s a big deal when a new character is added. The newest addition is a big one; Steve and Alyx from Minecraft are being added to the roster to fight! This is a huge deal for fans across the board, learn more about their inclusion, skins, and more on this blocky article!

The second season for the battle-royal game Hyper Scape released this week, and is called “The Aftermath”. This includes a new map, a limited time hack, game mode and more! Come check out more about this exciting new season in this neon filled article here!

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is celebrated its first birthday this week; or should we say, a Yooka-laylee bee-day! Some totally factual stats for the game has been release; and the game is also 60% off on the Nintendo Store! So be sure to check out our impossible article to find out more about it here! 

Uppers has been a very long awaited title for fans with Japan receiving a PlayStation Vita version in 2016. The western version announced in 2018, and it seems that wait is finally over as Uppers is releasing on PC via Steam later this month! Learn more about this beat-em-up fighting game with our article that covers all of it here!

Next-Gen News

London is falling down, falling down, falling down… The brand new story trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion has released, and gives some exciting teases for what to expect! Additionally they have also given info on post launch content, including the season pass, which has a super cool reveal! Dawn your assassin’s hood (oops), hook up your hacking gear, and lets check out all the crazy info about the game!

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has gotten a new trailer as well, and it has taken Yokohama by storm! Revealing a bit about the story, some new gameplay, mini-games and more; this trailer is rocking with content! Be sure to check out our coverage on it with our super powered article here!

A release date for the upcoming Xbox Series X|S & PC exclusive, The Medium, has been announced; and its coming very soon! The announcement came in the form of a new trailer, which shows off new gameplay, mechanics, story, music and more! To learn the release date and more about this freaky game, check out this multi-reality article covering it all!

Roundup of the Spooky Pixels

That covers it for this spooky instalment of the Weekly News Roundup! We hope you enjoyed that magnificent hot cup of coffee, and as usual you can expect a new instalment each week so you can be fully caught up with the news! We are getting ready to enter the next-generation gaming in exactly 1 month from now, so expect some great coverage from us here at Informed Pixel!

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