Weekly News Roundup – Week of October 19th

Weekly News Roundup – Week of October 19th

Welcome back to another instalment of the Weekly News Roundup, where we take all the news from last week and organize it all in one place! Last week we had some excellent pieces worth looking into, including a new game release and a review! So crack open a nice cold Mountain Dew and prepare to indulge in this week’s Weekly News Roundup!

A Review!

Kunai is a brilliant & fast paced 2D action platformer that will have you entertained for hours! Its main success lies in its fast action gameplay, a quirky story and the nostalgia of Gameboy style graphics which features a wonderful soundtrack. This is a unique Indie game that is a shining example of what the genre can offer.” – GRUNT 4500. Come read the full review on Kunai to learn about this awesome little Indie game!

Pixel News!

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the sword fighting action game series Onee Chanbara; the events of Onee Chanbara and Onee Chanbara 2 have been completely remade in full HD! The story of Aya and Saki, two sisters bound by mutual hatred and locked in a brutal fight to the death, has been revived and reimagined! Check out our coverage on the brand new release here!

En Masse Entertainment, the former publisher of TERA on PC in North America, will no longer exist as an entity. As for the game itself, Gameforge is now the North-American publisher of TERA. Learn more about what this means for TERA and the passing of the torch here!

Granblue Fantasy: Versus features a colourful cast of their most popular crewmates, each with a unique fighting style that is easy to learn but hard to master. On October 19th, 2020, the game received a new update, which includes a playable character named Cagliostro, new weapons, and a multitude of patches. Learn more about this epic content update here!

Next-Gen Fun!

A new trailer for the upcoming next-gen game Dirt 5  has been released! Featuring gameplay from the Xbox Series X; the game will run at 120 FPS and have faster loading times & greater graphical fidelity than its lower-tier partner on the Xbox One. Check out our coverage on the trailer to learn more about Dirt 5its next-gen capabilities and more!

The Open Beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War took the weekend by storm; acting more as a glorified game preview than an actual beta. While there is certainly some fun to be had, there is a plethora of issues that may be too large to fix by the game’s launch. Check out our initial impressions on the Open Beta, as we discuss both the positives and the negatives of the game so far!

A Pixeled Roundup!

That’s all for this week, gamers! We hope you enjoyed your ice-cold Mountain Dew while catching up on this week’s Weekly News Roundup! With only two weeks to go until the release of the Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5, expect a lot of great articles coming soon!

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