Weekly News Roundup – Week of October 12th

Weekly News Roundup – Week of October 12th

Happy week fellow gamers, and welcome back to a new instalment of the Weekly News Roundup! This week we have a bit of smaller news haul, but some quality work none the less! So brew yourself a hot cup of coffee, sit back, relax and lets go over some awesome game news!

Crossing Generations

Before jumping into next-gen news, took a look back at our top 10 favourite FPS game of the last generation. There has been quite a few killer FPS games in the last 7 years, and the list spans games all the way back in 2013 to as recent as earlier this year! Did your favourite make the list? Come check out our ranking here, and be sure to stay tuned for more ranking lists coming soon!

The upcoming next-gen title Spider-Man: Miles Morales has revealed a brand new character who will be featured in the game! It’s a cat who players will be able to bring along with them when wearing a special costume! The cat wears a Spider-Man mask and can even help attack enemies during finishing moves; it genuinely doesn’t get more epic than this. Check out the furry adorableness in our coverage on the news here!

Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate is adding new characters and even upgrades for the upcoming console generation! Fan favourite characters Mileena and Rain are being added in the upcoming Kombat Pack 2; alongside the legendary Rambo himself, voiced by none other than Sylvester Stallone! The game will also feature free upgrades, check out our coverage to find out more!

Good & Bad News

We’ll start with the bad news; Level-5, the developers of such beloved games as Yo-Kai Watch and Ni No Kuni, has decided to end operations in North America for the time being. The developers are staying within Japan’s borders for the time being, find out more about this unfortunate news here.

Luckily there some extremely good news as well; RuneScape is now available on Steam! This is an unexpected move, but a brilliant one none the less; as many gamers prefer to run their games on the Steam platform! To learn more about this transfer, and on what RuneScape is, check out our wonderfully written coverage here!

That’s All For Now, Folks!

As previously mentioned, this week featured a smaller news & content haul than normal; but fret not! We have some amazing content coming out very soon; especially with the release of the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and plenty of new games just around the corner! We hope you enjoyed your hot cup of coffee and perhaps learned something new!

As always, for more Weekly News Roundups, rankings, reviews and gaming news you can keep up to date at Informed Pixel. Did you enjoy this weeks news, were there any articles that stood out to you? You can let us know and discuss with other gamers over on the official Informed Pixel Facebook page and on the official Informed Pixel Twitter account!

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