Weekly News Roundup – Week of November 9th

Weekly News Roundup – Week of November 9th

The time is here for another instalment of the Weekly News Roundup, featuring all the fantastic news and creative articles from last week! Aside the launch of next-gen consoles, the previous week was full of exciting news and releases! So buckle up, crack open an ice cold beverage of your choice, and let’s ride into this Weekly News Roundup!

To celebrate the worldwide launch of the Xbox Series X|S, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 Xbox One exclusive games! It’s simply tradition to look back on the great moments and games we have experienced before jumping into a new console generation! Be sure to check out our list of our favourite Xbox One games here; and be sure to check out our top 5 PlayStation 4 exclusive as the PlayStation 5 launches in Europe on November 19th!

Epic Reveals

On Saturday November 11th, 2020, also known as N7 Day, Bioware officially announced the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition! This is a modernized experience of the original trilogy, featuring some updated and remastered visuals! There’s a lot more to get excited about as well, learn more about the upcoming remaster here!

KOEI TECMO and Team NINJA  have announced Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition, an expanded version of the critically acclaimed RPG, for PC via Steam. In addition, players are pitted against the base Nioh 2 game and all three DLC expansions: “The Tengu’s Disciple”, “Darkness in the Capital”, and “The First Samurai”. Come learn more about this exciting edition here!

The already-released-in-Japan mobile game KonoSuba: Fantastic Days will expand worldwide next year! It’s a free-to-play character-collection RPG for iOS and Android, and was initially released in Japan in February 2020; growing very popular among fans. Be sure to check out our coverage on the reveal here!

More information about the upcoming Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy has been released! Everything from the mysterious creature known as Fi, to more story info and DLC stuff, there’s a ton to learn! Take a graceful look at the upcoming game here!

New Releases

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has finally launched; with a new launch trailer and a ton of new information dropping! Everything from gameplay, to post launch content and more; so let’s jump right into the new release here!

Indie game publisher PLAYISM have announced that TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity is now available on Steam Early Access. This platformer features cute, vintage graphics; as it features ever changing gameplay with a steep learning curve. Learn more about the game and how you can play it here!

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is out now; and is perfect for those itching to farm and slay demons & monsters! Playing as a spoiled harvest goddess that was recently banished, you’ll be growing rice while using farm equipment as weapons against beasts of all types. If this sounds like fun, come check out our coverage on the brand new game!

Updates & Events!

Season 2.5 for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has released; with all new challenges and remixed maps! Levels will now come in a variety of devious flavours, with new obstacles popping up to disrupt everything you thought you knew about your favourite round! Let’s check out this delicious link to learn more!

The yearly fall event for Black Desert Online known as Harvest Season has gone live! In this six stage event you have the ability to take a shortcut to getting better gear through Enhancement, get the horse of your dreams, some beneficial food, gear and more! Learn more about this yearly event and how you can take part of it here!

Pixeled Roundup

That’s it for this instalment of the Weekly News Roundup! We hope you enjoyed your beverage of choice as you caught up with all of the news this week! Be sure to stay tuned as we dive into the next-gen platforms in the coming weeks, with plenty of news and fun articles to read!

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