Weekly News Roundup – Week of November 2nd

Weekly News Roundup – Week of November 2nd

Welcome back to the latest instalment of the Weekly News Roundup, your organized guide to catching up on all the fantastic news of the past week! This week we have some awesome news, lists, highlights and more! So brew yourself a nice hot cup of coffee as we descend into this week’s Weekly News Roundup!

Weekly Specials!

The Highlight of the Week is that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is coming to Xbox Game Pass on November 10th, 2020! This is thanks to the deal struck with Xbox and EA to transition EA Play into Xbox Game Pass! To learn more about the upcoming release, use to Force to discover the answers here!

This week’s Indie Highlight is the fan remake of the classic FPS game Half-Life; titled simply Black Mesa. This Indie project has been underway as early as 2005, winning a ton of rewards since then! With this year’s release of the completely remade Xen levels and a Definitive Edition currently in beta featuring a ton of upgrades and fixes, this is an Indie game that feels like a AAA game! Learn more in the Black Mesa Research Facility here!

This week we also had another Ranked List; featuring the top 5 best PlayStation 4 exclusives as we rapidly approach the launch of the PlayStation 5! Perhaps being one of the tougher lists to rank, these 5 exclusives truly show off how legendary the lineup for the PlayStation 4 was! Did your favourite make the list? Click here and lets find out!

Nintendo Fun!

This week we covered the Nintendo Monthly Rewind, featuring reveals of new additions to games, some upcoming releases and more! Everything from Super Smash Bros. to the classic Fire Emblem got some amazing coverage and announcements! Check all these out and more on our carefully organized coverage here!

Additionally, Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition released on the Nintendo Switch this week; with a slick launch trailer to go alongside it! This edition provides access to all 3 of its existing DLC and includes 4 separate dinosaur packs! To learn more about the launch and the game itself, open the doors to Jurassic Park!

Epic Gaming News!

A brand new gameplay trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth has been released; marking the conclusion of the year-long event “The Dark Heart of Skyrim”! Releasing on November 10th 2020, this update includes two new areas to explore, brand new characters & challenges and much more! Learn more about the upcoming update within this portal to Skyrim!

Modus Games has announced the upcoming Override 2: Super Mech League, alongside a near 15-minute gameplay overview trailer! Showing off a ton of new features with a focus on the game’s new and improved combat, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited! Come check out this epic looking upcoming game here!

Team17 has announced a crossplay open beta for Worms Rumble, an upcoming Worms game that is in fact a Battle Royale! This surprising matchup features area-based combat with up to 32-players frantically fighting it out inside a dynamic map! To learn more about this interesting new Battle Royale game, come open this new can of worms!

Pixel Roundup!

That’s a wrap on this week’s instalment of the Weekly News Roundup! We hope you enjoyed your hot cup of coffee as you ascend back to reality, where the next-generation of gaming is literally only days away! Be sure to stay tuned to Informed Pixel as we enter the week of the next-generation as the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launch this week!

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