Weekly News Roundup – Week of November 23rd

Weekly News Roundup – Week of November 23rd

Welcome to another instalment of the Weekly News Roundup, where we bundle all of the week’s articles in one easy place! Seeing as it was Thanksgiving last week, this roundup is a little smaller than usual, but always worth a read! So sit back and eat some yummy leftovers as we catch up on the Weekly News Roundup!

Exciting Developments

The owner of Informed Pixel, Jordan Wharton, was able to sit down and talk with the voice actress Chelsey Moore about her lead role in the upcoming VR game Altdeus: Beyond Chronos. You can read his amazing interview with the talented actress right here!

With no introduction, a brand new James Bond game has been official announced with an exciting teaser! So far its only moniker is Project 007, and while the trailer shows almost nothing; there are some interesting details to catch up on. Be sure to check out the all the exciting info about the recent announcement here!

The upcoming Worms Rumble game is surprisingly coming to PlayStation Plus as it releases this December! There’s also quite a bit more details to share about the game, so definitely check out everything about Worms Rumble here!

News To Be Thankful For

It has recently been announced that the upcoming horror game Martha Is Dead is also releasing on the PlayStation 5! There is genuinely a ton to look forward too in this upcoming game, so be sure to check out the article covering all of this magnificent news!

Override 2: Super Mech League launch is just on the horizon, and brand new info for has been released via a trailer for the ULTRAMAN Deluxe Edition! Of course, this reveals that ULTRAMAN will be a playable character with some intense new gameplay! Check out all the new information here!

A new trailer for the upcoming game The Medium titled “The Threats” has released! Featuring a mysterious new character, creepy tentacles and a large monster; it’s clear that The Maw won’t be the only terror to avoid in the game. Be sure to check out this interdimensional portal for more info!

The Thankful Pixels

That covers everything in this smaller instalment of the Weekly News Roundup! As always, we are very thankful for everybody who takes the time to read through out work, and we truly hope you enjoyed eating your delicious leftovers while catching up! We’ll see you next week for a new instalment!

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