Weekly News Roundup – Week of June 29th 2020

Weekly News Roundup – Week of June 29th 2020

Welcome to the first Weekly News Roundup of July 2020, the calm before the storm! As always, this is here to help everybody catch up on the latest news covered by Informed Pixel. Pour yourself a nice, hot cup of coffee and prepare yourself for some epic news!


“Despite a lack of customisation and short story, Minecraft Dungeons is a delightful spin-off that is well rounded (or well cubed) with its fun core gameplay and brilliantly designed levels. The outstanding graphics and beautiful soundtrack are also worthy additions to an already wonderful experience.” – Grunt 4500. This addition is a few weeks late to the roundup, but worth checking out regardless, especially with the newly released DLC!

Weekly Content

The Game Recommendation of the Week goes to the classic Banjo-Kazooie! The game has just celebrated its 22-year anniversary, and it still holds up today as a timeless classic! Come learn why we think this game holds up so well after so long!

This week’s Indie Highlight is Fight Crab! Have you ever questioned what would happen if crab fighting became a sport? Well, even if you haven’t, prepare to get that question answered anyways with this fighting game! Learn about the deadly crab arena here!

The Highlight of the Week is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons summer update! With new content and gameplay features, the game offers so much more than a silly crossover with DOOM! Check out all the new stuff on this beautiful island!

Game News

343 Industries has released a new developer update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, covering everything from Season 2 content to Halo 3 coming on PC. There is a LOT to unpack here, so if you’re a Halo fan, take a look at our breakdown here!

The upcoming MMORPG known as Bless Unleashed is coming to PC in early 2021! With great gameplay and extended character customisation, this is certainly a game worth keeping an eye out for. Check out the announcement here!

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris has a brand new trailer revealing the game’s real time combat! Battling huge creatures has never looked so fun, check out all you need to know about the combat here!

A newly released trailer for F1 2020 shows off some of the games new features! From different race options, insane customisation and controls – there’s a lot to going on here. Make sure you read up on these features so you’re ready for the upcoming release!

More News!

Ghost of Tsushima has received a beautiful new CGI trailer! With no actual gameplay, the trailer focuses on the world and story elements the game will feature. Watch the trailer and learn more about it here!

They physiological horror game, Infliction: Extended Cut, has released on the Nintendo Switch! Be sure to check out all the information about the release here, and if you haven’t, take a look at our review of the game!

Infliction: Extended Cut Cheeky Nintendo Switch reveal

A new developer walkthrough for the upcoming Ary and the Secret of Seasons has released. The walkthough shows off gameplay and offers explanations about what the game is about. Be sure to check it out along with our coverage on it here!

The free-to-play MMO known as Maplestory M is receiving new summer content! With a new dungeon boss and maps, and several upcoming live events, it’s a pretty large update! Get all the news about the update here!

Pixel Up!

That covers all the news this week at Informed Pixel, be sure to stay tuned this month as we’re in for a TON of new Xbox news soon! We hope you enjoyed your hot cup of coffee while catching up, now get ready for the next week of exciting news! Remember, if you ever fall behind on the news you can check out the Weekly News Roundups that release every Sunday!

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