Weekly News Roundup – Week of July 27th

Weekly News Roundup – Week of July 27th

Welcome back to the Weekly News Roundup, where you can find all of last week’s news and announcements in once place! This week has been a lot less insane here at Informed Pixel, but there is still plenty of news to go over! So buckle up, pour a nice hot or cold cup of you preferred beverage, and lets get this Weekly News Roundup started!

Weekly Content!

The Indie Highlight of the week goes to strange but creative game, Space Bear! Become a bear in space as you embark on a silly adventure in space where you communicate with a predictive language AI designed for bears. It’s a bit crazy, but that’s part of it’s charm! Come find out more about the game here!

 In celebration of national Spider-Man day, this week’s Game Recommendation is Marvel’s Spider-Man (PlayStation 4)! This game features our favourite version of the web slinging hero, with amazing gameplay and a great story to be told! Spin a web and discover more about the web-head’s best game!


Epic News!

The new Summer Heat Skin Pack for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath has been revealed! Featuring 3 new skins for select characters, you’ll be able to enjoy your simmering summer in style! Learn more about the skin pack, what it includes and what else is coming at this stage for kombat!

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE has a brand new cross-over event going on, featuring two characters from Virtua Fighter! Learn more about the crossover, the characters and how it all works at this other stage of combat!

A brand new teaser trailer and other awesome info has been dropped for the upcoming Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy! From returning and new characters, exploration and even new gameplay elements, there’s a ton to go over! Start by taking an adventure to this secret cavern to learn more!

How About S’more News?

The single player trailer for MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM EXTREME VS. MAXIBOOST ON has just released. Featuring some story elements, gameplay, bosses and more, there’s a good deal to cover! Hop into this giant mech-suit to be up to date!

A new presentation trailer for Metamorphosis has released, giving loads of new information including an actual release date. If you’re a literary lover, now is the time to rejoice because it’s not far away! Let’s jump into this novel and read up on all the details!

In an unexpected but exciting announcement, it has been confirmed that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be Free-To-Play! This is huge news to both fans of the franchise, and anybody who’s been wanting to give Halo a chance! Learn more about this legendary news on this Red vs. Blue warzone!

New Releases!

The incoming puzzle-platformer 112th Seed had a new trailer and actual release this week! The year, 2600. The Earth, abandoned for lack of food. You? An adorable sentient sapling created in a lab as the last hope for humanity. Get ready for an excellent adventure, but make sure you check these plantations first!

A game we’ve been covering for a while, Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection, has finally released on consoles! Come learn more about the news following the release date, including price and places to find the game here!

As if it were destiny itself, the week following our Game Recommendation for Cuphead, the game releases without warning on the PlayStation 4! This is an exciting thing for PlayStation fans, as they were the only ones who couldn’t enjoy the game! Step right up to learn about all the devilish details about the release of Cuphead and more here!

Rounding Up the Roundup

The Weekly News Roundup this week was certainly packed with a lot more variety this time around! We hope you enjoyed your beverage as you caught up with all of the news this week! Be sure to stay tuned to Informed Pixel as we continue to cover the most pixeled of news!

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