Weekly News Roundup – Week of January 11th

Welcome back to a new instalment of the Weekly News Roundup; where we combine all the news of the past week in one convenient place! There has been a variety of extremely exciting gaming news, so be sure to brew yourself a hot cup of coffee as we jump straight into it!


Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin‘s tory is fun and simple, however it does have some consistency issues. Gameplay is fun, platforming is great despite a single issue I had, and farming is relaxing despite being tedious at the start. Graphics are unique and very stylish, the game never looks dull and is always vibrant.” Matt Scriver. Be sure to read his full review here!

Pixel Specials

For the very first Industry Insider piece, we’ve got a CEO talking to a CEO. Informed Pixel CEO Jordan Wharton sat down with Richard Dolmat, the CEO of Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios Ltd, to talk about the audio side of the industry. What goes into running an audio studio, how much does it focus on music, VA and other areas of audio production? Find out in the exclusive interview here!

A brand new Xbox Wireless Controller colour has been announced; Pulse Red! While there are no inherent differences between this and the other current controllers; they have evolved from the Xbox One controllers a little bit. Come find out everything you need to know about it here

A Horrific January

Bloober Team new live-action trailer for The Medium has been released; as its highly anticipated launch creeps ever closer. Whilst the trailer doesn’t show a lot of the actual game, it’s quite a moody yet horrific affair – with plenty of screaming throughout. View the trailer and our coverage of it in this multi-dimensional portal here!

A psychological horror game developed by Headup Studios is making its official debut on consoles in January 2021. Silver Chains atmospheric horror experience with photo-realistic & detailed graphics that bring the interior of an old abandoned mansion to life. Learn more about this insanely scary horror game here!

Life Is Better With Pixels

The upcoming new sports game, Strange Field Football, has finally got a release date on Nintendo Switch! Developed by Cefca16 and published by Wildbus Studio; Strange Field Football is an upcoming football game that focuses on bending the rules with unique abilities in the name of fun! Learn more about the upcoming game here!

Known for their “hit” platformer, Super Bernie World, Kitsune Games have also invited console publisher Ratalaika Games to partake. The collaborators have now revealed their efforts– Kitsune Tails, a 2D platformer. Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming game here!

Motion Twin has released new information for the upcoming The DLC for Dead Cells titled “Fatal Falls”. This is only the second paid DLC since the game was in early access back in 2017; and it looks to be a massive content drop! Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming DLC for Dead Cells here!

A Nintendo Lifestyle

Nintendo released new information on how Super Mario 3D World comes with a brand-new game, Bowser’s Fury. What this addition to the beloved game would bring was unclear; with the release of a new trailer, some details of what the game entails are out. Be sure to check our reports so that you’re fully up to date with the game!

The Story of Seasons series is a farm & life simulation game popular & known in Japan as Bokujo Monogatari. The upcoming entry, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is releasing for the first time ever worldwide; and XSEED has released some new character trailers to celebrate! Let’s jump right into the trailers and see what they’re all about here!

Nintendo have announced that New Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch is now available for pre-order. Get ready to traverse the beautiful new Lental region, a series of islands packed with diverse ecosystems, from deep forests to vast deserts. Learn everything you need to know before pre-ordering at this here pokidex

Let Off Some Steam

Kinetic Edge is based around players manoeuvring through a dazzling neon landscape as different shapes traversing various challenges. With the success of similar multiplayer games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it certainly has potential to become popular. Come learn everything you need to know about this potential big hit here!

30XX, the sequel to the Mega-Man inspired Rogue-Lite 20XX, is making it’s way on to Steam in February 2021. Developer Batterystaple Games have since replaced the “the year 30XX, probably” tease on the 30XX Steam page with the games release date. Check out more on this awesome upcoming game right here!

The highly anticipated PC dark fantasy action-RPG game, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition, is on the horizon. KOEI TECMO America and developer Team NINJA have released a wealth of information for fans to sink their teeth into; including a new Steam PC release! Learn all the new information right here

Azerion will be distributing classic Microsoft Casual games; as they are now available as part of the Azerion portfolio. together with MahjongJigsawBubble ShooterCrosswordsSudoku, and others. What does that mean? So glad you asked. Come right on over here and find out more about this here!

All Pixels, Big & Small

As always, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to catch up on all of this week’s amazing news! We hope you enjoyed that nice hot cup of coffee, and hope you stick around for another Weekly News Roundup next week!

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