Weekly News Roundup – Week of December 28th

Weekly News Roundup – Week of December 28th

Welcome to a brand new year filled with a bunch of exciting news and games! To start off the year, we’ve got a new instalment of the Weekly News Roundup bringing in the new year! So brew some warm coffee or tea and wrap up in a nice blanket; it’s time for some gaming news!

New Year, New Console (Review)

“With its’ incredible power, performance & accessibility, the Xbox Series X proves itself to be an outstanding piece of hardware that lives up to expectations; even without first-party launch titles to show off with.” –Grunt 4500. Be sure to read up on our full review of the fastest, most powerful console here!

Ringing In The New Year!

Arknights is a mobile tower defence game that is celebrating its first Anniversary! The first celebration is the Episode 7 update, where “players will fight against the disciplined army led by Patriot and get a deeper understanding of the conflicts between Rhodes Island and Reunion”. Learn more about it here!

A collaboration between the mobile game The Alchemist Code and the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero is taking place now; and features some awesome new content! There will also be new events, rewards and unlockable characters from The Rising of the Shield Hero! Learn more about the crossover here!

PlayStation Plus subscribers have a few “free” games every month to look forward too; and the first games of 2021 are nothing to bat an eye at. Just before the end of last year, Sony was trying to make the future seem brighter; the first PlayStation Plus games of 2021 have been announced! Check them all out here!

KOG Games, developers of the free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, Elsword, are holding a pre-registration event for the game’s brand new character Noah. Learn all you need to know about the new character and event here!

Action RPG fans will be very happy to know that Anima Gate of Memories: Arcane Edition is now available on PlayStation 4. This special collector’s edition features the two original adventures of Anima Gate of Memories and Anima The Nameless Chronicles. Learn more about the game and collectors edition here!

Informed Pixel 2021

That’s all of last weeks news, a small yet excellent taste of what to expect throughout 2021! We hope you enjoyed your warm cup of coffee and tea, and will be sure to return next week with even more news and announcements!
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