Weekly News Roundup – Week Of December 14th

Weekly News Roundup – Week Of December 14th

Happy Holidays gamers, and welcome back to the latest instalment of the Weekly News Roundup! The weather gets cold and it may start to snow, but that doesn’t freeze the world of gaming news! So bundle up in a cozy blanket next to the fire place, hot coco up, and let’s catch up on some gaming news!

Game Awards Announcements

The Game Awards brought many surprises this year; but perhaps the biggest was the huge reveal trailer of the new Perfect Dark game! The game is being developed by The Initiative, and while it’s still deep in development, there is a lot to be excited about! Watch the trailer and learn more about the reveal here!

ARK II was also revealed with a gorgeous in-engine trailer featuring actor Vin Diesel himself! The sequel looks to thrust players into a brutal new world full of ancient beasts, exotic alien fauna and more! Be sure to check out the trailer and learn more about the game here!

Content Updates

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout‘s Season 3 has released, bringing winter to the arena! Learn everything you need to learn about the update; from new challenges to levels, right here at this ultimate knockout arena!

New content has been added to Granblue Fantasy: Versus! As part as Season 2, a new character named Yuel has joined the roster; with a bunch of new spunk and a positive attitude! A new battle pass will also be launching, with another character being added soon; so learn all you need to know here!

A new patch for the popular Sci-Fi game Star Citizen! The Alpha 3.12 Patch titled  “Asset on Stanton” comes with a plethora of new features; including new ships, tools, and more content in general! Learn all the nitty and gritty details about the Alpha 3.12 Patch right here!

The final SMITE update of 2020 has released, celebrating and incredibly successful year overall! To celebrate, the unconventional hunter ‘Danzaburou’ joins SMITE in the Legendary Tanuki update! That’s not all, but there’s certainly too much to fit here; so check out our dedicated article to learn more!

Coming in 2021

The Japanese game Gnosia is coming to the Nintendo Switch!  It’s consistently been described as a  single-player, story-driven version of “Among Us”; in other words, it’s a social deduction game. Learn more about this interesting game that is coming to North America next year here!

Publisher Binary Haze Interactive have revealed that Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is coming to platforms in 2021. The 2D Adventure/Fantasy RPG features an ever changing landscape. As Priestess Lilly, you will traverse these lands as you deduce the meaning of her visions. Learn more about the game here!

Press (X) To Pay Respects

As the sun begins to rise for Halo‘s future, it starts setting for its’ past. 343 Industries has officially announced that the online game services for the Halo games on the Xbox 360 will be coming to a peaceful end in December 2021. Check out our dedicated article for more details, and honour the franchises legendary Xbox 360 Legacy.

Holiday Pixel Cheer!

Just like a snow blizzard, that covers all of the wonderful news of the week! We hope you enjoyed your hot coco as your caught up on all of this weeks news! We will be taking the next week off to celebrate Christmas; but will be back just in time for New Years for more amazing news coverage!

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