Weekly News Roundup – Week of August 3rd

Weekly News Roundup – Week of August 3rd

Welcome to this first Weekly News Roundup of August news, where we bundle all of the latest news in one nice place for you! There has been some exciting news within the last week that will thrill a good deal of you. So enough talk, suit up your comfy blanket and a hot cup of coffee and lets rock on with some Weekly News Roundup action!

Weekly Content

This week’s Game Recommendation is a bit of an oldie but awesome none-the-less: Asura’s Wrath! This interesting action game blends a science-fiction-based themes both Buddhist and Hindu mythology. It’s definitely worth checking out, prepare for the wrath here!

The Highlight of the Week is GhostWire: Tokyo’s dog! Yes, you read that right, there is a adorable puppers that you can pet within the game! Honestly, need we say more? Come pet all the cute doggos!

New Releases

This week saw a new trailer and release of SOULCALIBUR VI’s 11/12 DLC updates! From a new character, story, stages and more, this DLC is an exciting one for fans. Calibrate your soul and learn more about the update here!

The 3D platforming adventure indie title, Skully, has released on all current platforms including the PC! In this game, you’ll be rolling around a mysterious and bizarre island as you butt in between a conflict between God’s 3 siblings. If this doesn’t sound like the coolest thing ever, we don’t know what does. Learn more about this game and about it’s launch upon this skull island!

White Knuckled News

A new update for Street Fighter V has revealed some brand new & returning characters being added to the legendary fighting game! Let’s check out the new additions to the character select screen!

Street Fighter V Summer Update 2020

For those looking for some spicy news, the upcoming new Avengers game will have Sony exclusive content. If you couldn’t have guessed, Spider-Man himself will be a PlayStation exclusive with a special event and challenges. We cover all of the web-slinging news about this exclusive deal here!

Lock & Load

It has been officially announced that Sperasoft is teaming up with 343 Industries on the development of the upcoming Halo Infinite! Whilst Sperasoft doesn’t seem to be a well known developer, their credentials span over 16 years of co-developing several AAA titles. Come learn more about the addition of the team and how they’re helping with Halo Infinite!

Get ready to RIP AND TEAR in the name of The Father himself! DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods (Part One) was officially announced this weekend, and its bringing a bunch of new enemy and story reveals with it! There is also a special QuakeCon armor available for this weekend only! Load your Super-Shotgun and get ready for the slaughter!


Up in the Cloud

We’re excited to see that new information about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s xCloud has been revealed! Including information on which devices will be supported, the games included, how it will work and more! Jump into the cloud and catch up with all the exciting news here!

Alongside the news above, Razer has announced their new product that will help players truly get into the xCloud on their mobile phone! The Razer Kishi is a new attachment for mobile phones that will allow you to play your favourite Xbox games on your phones in a similar fashion to the Nintendo Switch! If you want to get the most out of your xCloud experience, check out all the news about this product here!


A Pixel in the Rough

It has been an incredible week here at Informed Pixel! We hope you enjoyed your hot cup of coffee while catching up! We’re super excited for all the news that August will bring in; and as always you can keep up to date by checking out the Weekly News Roundup every Sunday!

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