Weekly News Roundup – Week of August 31st

Weekly News Roundup – Week of August 31st

Hey everybody, welcome to the first instalment of the Weekly News Roundup of September! We’ve got some awesome news to cover this week, so we hope you’re ready to catch up last weeks news with a beverage of your choice!


“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fresh exciting take on battle royal that feels nostalgic for fans of old game shows. Whilst some maps need fixing and some more content is definitely needed, it’s an incredible game currently and it’ll no doubt get even better soon.” –  Reese Bonanno. Be sure to check out his full review here!

Weekly Content

Our Highlight of the Week is incredible news that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is coming to the Nintendo Switch! The game features the same great co-op gameplay, creative levels and power-ups as the original game, but also so much more. Checkout our highlight to learn more about the game!

Golden Coin News!

The rumours are true! Super Mario 3D All Stars has been official confirmed for the Nintendo Switch! Alongside it is some very interesting information that we also cover, so make sure to check out what we have covered on it here!

Super Mario Bros., the original and award winning NES game, has gotten a new battle royale version! Yea, we had the same reaction you just had. Let’s go over all this really crazy information in this big green pipe!

Last week saw the launch of Giraffe and Annika on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Unlock the island’s secrets by exploring this beautiful environment and unlock Annika’s memories. Learn more about the new release here!


Next Gen Game News!

Despite being delayed until 2021, Halo Infinite’s great marketing journey has begun in the form of a new Monster Energy Drink promotion! Including 2XP, a Snapchat code, special in-game gun skins and more, check out all the goodies in the promotion by checking out our article on it!

Ubisoft is doing another presentation on upcoming projects. You can expect deeper looks into already-announced games when Ubisoft Forward returns on September 10th! Take a look at all of the info you need going into the event here!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has recently been announced, and with it a slew of new information! So what do we know about the upcoming Call of Duty? Lets find out in our specialised article covering all the juicy information here!

Pixelated Duty

That’s all for now folks! We hope you enjoyed drinking your beverage while catching up on this weeks Weekly News Roundup! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoy creating them for you! As always, for more reviews and gaming news you can keep up to date at Informed Pixel. Want to speak to the team and interact with other gamers? You can do so over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account.

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