Weekly News Roundup (22 June 2020 – 27 June 2020)

Weekly News Roundup (22 June 2020 – 27 June 2020)

Welcome back to the Weekly News Roundup, where gather all the articles through the week and put them in one place for you! This week in particular has been varied from announcements, releases and other news! Let’s jump right into this week starting with our weekly content!

Weekly Content

The Game Recommendation of the week is the Virtual Reality masterpiece: Half-Life: Alyx! Advancing the VR platform forward with cutting edge physics and controls, the game also features a full fledged story campaign; taking place before Half-Life 2. Put on your VR headset and get ready for an experience like no other, but do prepare for unforeseen consequences…

The Indie Highlight of the week is This War of Mine, which is more than just a game. This is the first-ever video-game to be placed on the “recommended reading” list in the Polish Educational System. Read more about the game and what this honor means!

The Highlight of the Week goes to none other than Halo Infinite’s “Banished” teaser trailer! This reveal is a big deal, and we dive deep in to the trailer and theorize what it could mean. Check out our highlight on the trailer on this sacred ring!


NAMCO Museum Archives Volume 1 & 2 has released on all platforms and is a true blast from the past! The 2 volumes include classics such Pac-Man and Dig Dug and many more for the current generation to discover. Check out all the games and details the game includes at this classic arcade!

Brigandine: The Legend of Runeseria is a new JRPG turned-based strategy game and is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. You’ll command 1 of 5 nations and a tribe to adventure out and conquer the land of Runeseria. Take a look at the newly released game and get ready to conquer!


Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has just been announced with a brand new trailer! This new entry into the beloved franchise will see Crash time-jumping with many returning characters and some new ones as well. Get ready to warp by checking out all the insane info!

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost On pre-orders have been announced via the most recent trailer! This 2v2 3D action battle game has you and an ally fight to win against other Gundam mechs, until one side remains. Suit up in your huge mech and prepare to do battle here!

Developers of of SINoALICE, Pokelabo Inc, have announced a collaboration with the highly acclaimed titles NieR: Automata, and NieR: RepliCant, developed by Square Enix. They Learn more about what this means for the franchise here!


Know your enemy. Halo Infinite has announced The Banished to return, and they don’t sound friendly either. Learn more about The Banished and their inclusion to the upcoming Halo game on this UNSC comm pad.

Shing! Nope, that’s not just the sound of a sword, but a new upcoming video game! The new gameplay trailer for Shing! shows off its awesome combat! Stop making sword sounds and check out this epic looking game!

Shing! Gameplay Trailer Boss fight

In some news nobody likes to hear, Tales of Arise release date has been delayed. While given no new release window, the game will be given more time to be worked on so it can be as good as possible. Learn more about the unfortunate delay here.

Tales of Arise wallpaper after release delayed

PLAYISM will be publishing the upcoming games Tasomachi Idol Manager. PLAYISM is a PC platform where games are localized and distributed in Japan. Therefore, developers worldwide transcend borders and release original works to a new set of gamers. Learn more about this exciting news here!

Legendary arcade player Billy Mitchel still holds his world records for Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. However, there is also a lot of interesting drama revolving around his records and if they are truly legit. Check out the update on the records here!

Another Week, Another Pixel

That wraps up all the exciting news of the week, gamers! As we prepare to enter July with more big news coming, such as Xbox’s First-Party showcase, be sure to stay tuned to Informed Pixel to stay up to date! Remember, if you ever fall behind on the news you can check out the Weekly News Roundups that release every Sunday!

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