Weekly News Roundup (08 June 2020 – 13 June 2020)

Weekly News Roundup (08 June 2020 – 13 June 2020)

Welcome to the Weekly News Roundup, where you can find all of this week’s news in one place! Life can be crazy, and we know it’s easy to miss out on the latest news. So sit back, relax and lets get caught up with all things gaming this week at Informed Pixel!

Weekly Content!

This week’s Game Recommendation is the horror masterpiece Alien Isolation! If you enjoy the Alien universe, horror games, or even just brilliant Sci-Fi stories; this game is for you! So hold your breath, sneak past the Alien, and access the ship’s log to see why it’s so great. Remember; in space, no one can hear you scream.

The Indie Highlight of the week is Carrion, a reverse horror game where YOU get to play a deadly tentacle monster! Stalk and consume those who have imprisoned you and find a way to escape in this unique indie title! Learn what it’s like to be a horrific monster here, so that you may devour your human captures!

The Highlight Of The Week is a MASSIVE one, as the PlayStation 5 console design has officially been revealed! There’s a lot to gather here, from it’s unique design to certain features it will offer! Check out the new design and everything you need to know about the next generation of PlayStation!


“The ancient and mysterious world of Stela is an impressive atmospheric and cinematic platformer with wonderful visuals and a great soundtrack. The gameplay is fun, albeit a bit simple, but is amplified with creative workarounds that keep the game alive until the end.” -Grunt 4500. Check out his full review here!

“With enough scares and truly terrifying moments that made my hairs stand on end, I would definitely recommend Infliction: Extended Cut. The atmosphere and game design is just spot on in delivering the frights. Although the gameplay is streamlined, Infliction makes up for it in an overall engaging and scary experience. The voice acting is absolutely superb!” – Hap Bains. Don’t miss his wonderful full review here!

Infliction: Extended Cut

The Persistence is a great horror game. With a great audio design you never feel completely safe. The interesting Roguelike elements makes The Persistence a game that requires multiple playthroughs.” – Rob Lake. Delve deep into his full review here!

The News!

You know the music, it’s time to dance! The incredibly popular Halo 3: ODST survival mode, Firefight, is confirmed to be joining Halo: The Master Chief Collection later this summer! Suit up in your ODST gear and prepare to drop into this exciting news!

Earlier this week, it looks as if PlayStation made a small mistake in accidentally releasing the One Step From Eden launch trailer, before quickly removing it. Learn more about the game and what happened here, and get ready for a PlayStation 4 launch sometime soon!

Prepare to hack into Death’s despair as Death end re;Quest 2 gets ready to launch later this year! In this mash up of horror and RPG elements, you’ll need to investigate a mysterious town and look your lost sister. Prepare for the worst and get up to date with all the information you’ll need here.

Not enough horror for you? We got you covered with Re: Turn – One Way Trip, an eerie pixel puzzler that is releasing later this year. Embark of this train of horrors to find answers and unearth deadly secrets.

Rev your engines and get set to go racing in the upcoming Project CARS 3, which is coming later this summer! Delivering an authentic racing experience with intense crash effects, this is one racing fans are going to love. Strap into your vehicle and get ready to race, and make sure you steady this realistic track before you go!

Ys: Memories of Celcta is a classic JRPG originally released on the PlayStation Vita, and is now on the PlayStation 4! Relive this story-driven game on current hardware now, and be sure you get all the info you need here!

This weekend, Rainbow Six Siege held another free weekend from June 11th – June 15th, giving players a chance to try the game and see if they enjoy it. Of course, this is to get players ready for the upcoming update that’ll come later in the week. Learn about how these free weekends work here, as they do occur quite often!

Even More News!

Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World – The Prophecy of the Throne is a brand new entry to the popular Japanese light novel series. This new storyline will be an exciting one for fans, so be sure to learn everything about this upcoming game here!

A new update titled Awakening has been announced for the MMO Tera! With new Apex class skills and a new dungeon, this is an update worth being excited about! Put on your adventure get and prepare for more epic gameplay by keeping up with the new update here!

A new creepy 2D puzzle platformer, Eternal Hope, has released a new trailer. Showing off this unsettling world, the trailer also gives context to the story and gameplay. Take a deep breath and prepare to venture out, but don’t forget to do your research first!

The Darkness is here. Bungie held an epic live-stream event for Destiny 2 fans this week, and showed off the next chapters of the epic FPS game. With a brand new season, this years major expansion and a road-map for the war ahead, there’s a TON of new info that you don’t want to miss out on!

GTFO, the epic hardcore FPS, has received a massive new update! With a new environment, enemy and story, get ready to squad up with 3 of your friends to take on this new challenge! Just make sure you take the time to learn what you’re up against before embarking on this incredible challenge!

Do you remember the old arcade game SUNSETRIDERS? If not, Arcade Archives has got you covered as it has added the game to its collection. Check out all the classic games it offers, and more about its newest addition at this legendary arcade.

That’s A Wrap!

Yep, a LOT happened this week at Informed Pixel, but now you’re all caught up and ready for the upcoming week! With all the announcements coming so fast, be sure to keep it tuned at Informed Pixel! Want to speak to the team and interact with other gamers? You can do so over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account.

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