We Happy Few Announced And Shown At E3

We Happy Few Announced And Shown At E3

We Happy Few, a highly anticipated survival horror adventure game was played for the E3 audience today during Microsoft’s E3 conference. It will be first to console on Xbox 1 and looks absolutely fantastic.

In a dystopian world where the people take “Joy”, a prescription drug, to be happy, the protagonist is a “Downer” who has gone off the meds. This is shown through eerie visuals, such as a PiƱata turning into a dead rat, and the oppressive forces of masked constables. While the game has been public knowledge for a while, this is the most official footage to ever be shown.

Excitingly, the game will be launching next month into Xbox Live Preview and looks filled to the brim with unsettling themes and gameplay.

At the very start of the demonstration, a quote from Leo Tolstoy has displayed: “Happy people have no history”. The player began the demo as a redactor censoring news, and has the choice to take Joy or “remember” — all allusions to a dark past full of forgotten secrets that the powerful might not want to be rediscovered…

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