Vertigo Games Set To Release ‘After the Fall’ Later This Year

Vertigo Games Set To Release ‘After the Fall’ Later This Year

Vertigo Games have released a cinematic trailer for their VR co-op shooter After the Fall, showing players what they can expect from the setting and gameplay of the new zombie title. The trailer confirms that the game will be launching on PC and PlayStation VR this summer.

After the Fall is set in a post-apocalyptic 1980s Los Angeles, where players blast their way through the frozen ruins as a squad of four warrior survivors. The whole campaign can be played in four-player co-op with full cross-platform multiplayer, or can also be played solo with AI companions.

The cinematic trailer introduces the evolving urban wasteland of After the Fall, infested with the undead Snowbreed that have driven humanity below ground. Promising to give the player the combat skills of an 80s action hero, you’re going to need them as you face off against the Specials such as the hulking behemoth seen in the trailer.

After the Fall is developed by Vertigo Studios, best known for the platinum-selling zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine. Their latest project invites a wide range of VR playstyles, offering a huge arsenal of unique and deadly weapons employed with real-life movements.

Vertigo Games is the multi-platform VR publisher and developer with a portfolio that includes titles such as A Fisherman’s Tale and Ghost Patrol. On After the Fall, Studio Director Richard Stitselaar said, “We’re truly excited about moving into this next campaign phase, in which we’ll be inviting more players into the game and sharing more details as we gear up towards launch.”

After the Fall launches on PlayStation VR, Oculus, PC (Steam), and yet to be announced VR platforms this summer. To keep updated and have a chance at closed beta access, register on For all other gaming news, keep it with Informed Pixel. Want to join the conversation? Visit the Informed Pixel Facebook page or the Informed Pixel Twitter account.