Vega Announced For Street Fighter V

Vega Announced For Street Fighter V

As with most fighting games pre-release, the roster of Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter V has been the subject of much speculation, specifically regarding the characters potentially returning from past installments to take their place in the game’s 16-man selection.

Well today, fans of series mainstay Vega, can rest easy, because their favorite claw-sporting masked gentleman has been confirmed to be returning for the fifth installment, bringing the total confirmed fighter number to nine.

Similar to Ken, Vega’s Street Fighter V incarnation features not only a drastic change in appearance, but also numerous gameplay changes. Vega now possesses a “form change” mechanic, giving him the ability to toggle his signature claws on and off, giving him a new moveset, and new combo opportunities depending on which form he’s in.

With 7 slots left on the roster, and some very interesting attempts to increase play style diversity between characters, Street Fighter V will likely continue to be the subject of much discussion until its Q2 2016 release.