ULTRAMAN Gameplay Revealed For Override 2: Super Mech League

ULTRAMAN Gameplay Revealed For Override 2: Super Mech League

With Override 2: Super Mech League on the horizon, developer Mordus Games’ latest announcement of the ULTRAMAN Deluxe Edition, as well as jawdropping gameplay has given us some major nostalgia vibes!

Override 2: Super Mech League

Override 2: Super Mech League is a successor to its competitive arena 2018 hit, featuring an array of massive super-powered meches ready to battle it out until one is left standing victorious.

Set seven years after Xenotypes unsuccessfully invaded Earth, these mechanized beasts once tasked with defending our planet must now be called towards a vastly different purpose. They are now entertainers in global mech battle leagues.

As a new pilot of these repurposed weapons of war, you must rise through the ranks and represent your club with an upgraded arsenal of returning and new mechs. Each has their own unique abilities, moves, and super-charged attacks.

Override 2: Super Mech League includes single-player and multiplayer campaigns for up to 4 players locally and online. It also supports local and online multiplayer for 2-4 players and is equally accessible for both casual and competitive fans.

So, that reveal?

In what can only be described as an action-packed trailer shown during the Golden Joystick Awards, Mordus Games showcased the first gameplay trailer for the game’s official ULTRAMAN crossover. The trailer showcased ULTRAMAN in all his glory, accompanied by some incredible music and badass visuals, the sense of nostalgia was through the roof.

Rest assured, ULTRAMAN is prepared for battle. Frantic attacks, powerful lunges, and extremely fast reflexes will leave teammates in awe and enemies stunned. Don’t believe me, check out the trailer!

How to get ULTRAMAN?

Fans who want to be reunited with their childhood can get their hands on this iconic character by pre-ordering the ULTRAMAN Deluxe Edition or by grabbing it on launch day, December 22nd, 2020. All versions of the game will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for $39.99 USD.

Owners of Override 2: Super Mech League on PlayStation 4 can upgrade for free to the PlayStation 5 version of the game when they insert their PS4 disc in a PS5 system and download the latest update. You can pre-order the ULTRAMAN Deluxe Edition here.

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