Ubisoft Confirms New Beyond & Evil Title

Ubisoft Confirms New Beyond & Evil Title

Ubisoft has confirmed that a new Beyond & Evil game is in development.

Michel Ancel, the creator of the first game released for the Xbox, Playstation 2 and Gamecube in 2003, will be returning to develop the new title. “If you’ve been waiting for news about BG&E… well, here you go!” Ubisoft posted on Facebook. “We are delighted to confirm that Michel Ancel is currently working with the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio on a new Beyond Good & Evil game.”

Last week, Michel took to Instagram to post artwork of the new game, but it wasn’t until today that we heard official word from Ubisoft regarding the game’s development. The industry did hear confirmation about the game’s existence in 2008 when Ubisoft released a teaser trailer of things to come. Since then, it has been radio silence.

There is no release window set at the time of this writing, but we have reached out to Ubisoft for clarification.

Source: Facebook