Twilight Princess HD Amiibo features revealed

Twilight Princess HD Amiibo features revealed

Launching March 4th, the much-anticipated HD release of the almost decade-old Zelda classic is set to not only feature a Hero Mode, much like the other re-releases, but compatibility with all currently-released Zelda amiibo figurines.

What does each figurine do? Let’s take a quick look.

Zelda and Shiek both will instantly heal Link to full health when tapped, making them fairly useful if you’re in a pickle with no healing items in sight.

Link and Toon Link will both fully replenish your entire stock of arrows, which can save some time spent smashing pots in search of ammunition

Ganondorf will make you wish you had never tapped him, as he doubles the damage dealt by all enemies. If you’re in Hero Mode, you might want to bring Zelda with you too, because that mean quadruple damage from everything.

Finally, Midna and Wolf Link bring the big guns: an entire exclusive dungeon. The new Cave of Shadows dungeon, exclusive to the HD remake, is said to be immensely challenging, jam packed with difficult enemies. This amiibo of course, comes with the game, so most people will have access to this new content.

And that’s all the Amibo functionality for the game. Do you have any of these amiibo figures? If you do, you can put them to good use this March.