Top 5 Xbox One Exclusives

Top 5 Xbox One Exclusives

The Xbox Series X|S has finally launched, sweeping in a slew of next-gen games and updates to current games alike! However, before we jump head first into the new Xbox consoles; we think now is a wonderful time to look back at the top 5 best exclusive Xbox One games of the generation! As always, we will be leaving out any remakes/remasters of any kind to allow the main games of the generation shine; and these are of course just an opinion!

#5: Sea of Thieves

Developed by RareSea of Thieves is an First-Person multiplayer game where you get to become a Pirate and work with other players to find untold treasures! Taking place in a shared open world; as a Pirate you will work to find hidden loot, complete voyages, trade with others and encounter intense battle sequences. Players beware, you may encounter other Pirates who may not be so friendly when it comes to loot.

If it’s a Pirate’s life for you, then Sea of Thieves is a utterly-brilliant game that is even better with friends! Working together on a ship during battle is an exhilarating experience that is hard to replicate elsewhere! Sea of Thieves is one of Xbox One’s best exclusive multiplayer games, and is still worth playing going into the Xbox Series X|S!

#4: Ori and the Blind Forest

Developed by Moon StudiosOri and the Blind Forest is a platform-adventure Metroidvania game with a heavy emphasis on visuals and storytelling. The game follows a small glowing spirit guardian names Ori, as she embarks on a journey through The Blind Forest in a story that will probably make you cry. The environmental storytelling alongside emotional cutscenes and events make this game absolutely hit home in the feels department.

The gameplay is surprisingly fantastic, with tight controls and abilities that continues to go further into depth as the game goes on. The use of bright, vibrant colours makes Ori and the Blind Forest an unexpectedly beautiful looking game, which is used alongside the great level design that encourages you to explore! This is certainly one of the best platformers in recent memory, making it one of Xbox’s best games period!

#3: Gears 5

Developed by The CoalitionGears 5 is a third-person shooter game that continues the Gears of War franchise; while simultaneously bringing it to new heights! This time around, the story follows Kait Diaz as she journey’s across various locations in search of the truth about her origins. With a story chalk-full of great character building, major reveals, brutal action sequences and more; Gears 5 features one of the best campaigns in the franchise.

Also featured in the game is the classic Horde mode and multiplayer modes that are also incredibly popular among Xbox gamers! With brutal but refined gameplay that has defined the franchise since 2006, Gears 5 is a chainsaw revving blast to play! Gears 5 is one of Xbox’s best games out currently, and its’ upcoming upgrades for the Xbox Series X|S make the game well worth checking out!

#2: Forza Horizon 4

Developed by Playground GamesForza Horizon 4 is an open world racing game that puts “fun” before everything else. The game takes place in an online open world & fictionalized Great Britain, and gives players the freedom to essentially do what ever they want. From competing in tournaments to attending showcase events such as the Halo Warthog race; there is literally something for everybody to enjoy!

Compared to its’ simulation-styled Forza Motorsport 7 counterpart; vehicles are far easier and user friendly to drive, customize and upgrade. With all 4 seasons being featured and swapping in order on a week-to-week basis; gameplay is always being slightly altered to keep the experience fresh and fun! Forza Horizon 4 is the best racing game to be released in years, and is certainly one of Xbox’s best games across the board!

#1: Halo 5: Guardians

Developed by 343 IndustriesHalo 5: Guardians is a First-Person shooter game that boldly breaks the mould and introduces new ideas to the Halo universe. The game primarily follows Spartan Locke and Fireteam Osiris as they desperately search for the AWOL Master Chief and Blue Team; as mysterious Forerunner Guardians begin to rise and attack colonies across the galaxy. The plot sets up the future of the Halo universe, including Halo Wars 2 and the upcoming Halo Infinite!

The true highlight of the game is both Arena and Warzone multiplayer modes; which truly utilize Halo 5: Guardians’ advanced mobility and vast weapon selections! The gameplay is a much faster pace than classic Halo games, yet requires skills similar to the older titles; making for a fantastic experience for casual gamers and competitive players alike. While making Halo 5: Guardians #1 on this list may initially seem cheap, as Halo is Xbox’s flagship title, but the game is absolutely worth the title of the best Xbox One game!

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The Xbox One has had a pretty great run with some absolutely stellar games that have released through it’s life cycle; with many of these games receiving free upgrades for the Xbox Series X|S! We will continue to as we enter the next-generation of gaming! Of course, this ranking is just one opinion and there is no correct or incorrect answers; so we’d love to see yours as well!

With the Xbox Series X|S launching today, and the PlayStation 5 launching soon after; we want to continue to celebrate with fun articles and coverage throughout the console launches! Be sure to be stay tuned to Informed Pixel for more lists, articles, reviews and more throughout this exciting time period!

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