Tokyo Dark: Remembrance Switch Trailer Released

Tokyo Dark: Remembrance Switch Trailer Released

The Award winning horror game Tokyo Dark is coming to Nintendo Switch, under the brand new title Tokyo Dark: Remembrance. Developed by Cherrymochi, Tokyo Dark was originally launched September 7th, 2017 on steam and was a hit right away. After an incredibly positive reception, the game is now returning better than ever for not only Nintendo Switch, but PlayStation 4 too.

This anime styled horror game combines two well known genres, point and click and visual novel. The game is heavily story orientated and focuses on solving a disappearance via puzzles, stat management and decision making. As players take control of Detective Itō, they’ll begin to realise that their decisions matter, altering the story and changing Itō as they go.

Tokyo Dark: Remembrance features the incredible experience of the original game, whilst adding even more incredible content. Along with an expansion of the original story, there will be updated content along with new endings. With over 11 different endings and a NewGame+ exclusive ending, replayability is ensured. The game not only boasts incredible visual design, but also beautiful soundtrack design which excellently accompanies the tones of the game and story.

“Walking the streets of Tokyo will never feel the same after playing Tokyo Dark – Remembrance -. With new content and additional endings, the tale has more horrific variety than ever, appealing to fans of Japanese horror stories and western murder-mysteries alike.” – John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES.

Tokyo Dark: Remembrance is due to release November 7th, 2019 on Nintendo Switch. You can find additional information about the game on the Official Tokyo Dark Website.

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