tinyBuild’s SpeedRunners Leaves Early Access

tinyBuild’s SpeedRunners Leaves Early Access

tinyBuild’s Speedrunners has now been officially released, after three years of being in early access.

SpeedRunners has now sold over 1 million copies on Steam since being released in 2013. The game has now officially left Steam Early Access with a ton of content released today, including a “Mario Kart style story mode”, add-on characters and a plethora of different tweaks and features.

tinyBuild’s CEO, Alex Nichiporchik mentioned that the game would be no where without the support from it’s fans around the world. As a small thank you to their fans, anyone who has already purchased a copy of SpeedRunners through it’s Early Access period will receive a free copy of tinyBuild’s No Time To Explain.

“Following in the footsteps of games like Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, SpeedRunners has benefitted immensely from releasing ‘early’ and reaping feedback from its community,” said Alex Nichiporchik, “SpeedRunners wouldn’t be where it is without 100,000s of players guiding development.”

SpeedRunners is now in development for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.