The Spooky Platformer Pumpkin Jack Gets A New Trailer

The Spooky Platformer Pumpkin Jack Gets A New Trailer

If you played the recent Medieval remake and left the game wanting more, there is some good news. An indie game is looking to continue the venerated 3D platforming tradition set by the classics, but in a unique way.

The newly announced Pumpkin Jack is looking to bring a mixture of Jak & Daxter and Medieval. I can’t help but get a Tim Burton vibe (the movie Sleepy Hollow in particular), but by way of Pixar. Published by Headup Games and developed by Nicolas Meyssonnier, it revels in a Halloween aesthetic. While there is no release date set, the game is aiming for a Q4 2020 release, so it should hit shelves around the holiday that inspired it.

The story sounds as quirky as one would hope. In a game of escalation between Satan and the Boredom Kingdom that would shame the Cold War, Jack, the Pumpkin Lord gets dispatched. You play as the Devil’s agent, called to stop the wizard defending the humans from Satan’s wrath. You can check out the trailer below.

As shown in the trailer a part of the game mechanics is to literally “use your head”. It adds a novel puzzle element and will, of course, allow access to secret areas where the body can’t go. Puzzles will rely on physics, gravity and reflection as you work through the game. What’s a good platformer without some companionship? Jack has two friends he can use for help– an owl to guide and a crow to fight long-range.

Pumpkin Jack will release in Q4 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The demo is currently available on Steam.

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