The Nintendo Playstation Prototype Is Now Functional

The Nintendo Playstation Prototype Is Now Functional

The Nintendo Playstation prototype can now run homebrew games, thanks to Ben Heck.

Last year, a Nintendo Playstation prototype was discovered, which turned out to be the real deal. According to sources, the Nintendo Playstation was a console in development between Nintendo and Sony before the release of the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 consoles. This was intended to be a collaboration between the competing companies, but the project ended up falling flat on its face due to interest issues between both parties.

The console itself uses SNES cartridges and CD-Roms, as both were the types of memory in development at that time. That said, we aren’t too sure if the console’s intention was to support Super Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges at all, as it may have only been implemented for testing.

The owner of the console, Terry Diebold, was the individual who sent the console to the Ben Heck show with one goal in mind: Make the console operational. As seen in the video below, Benjamin Heckendorn used his expertise to “reverse engineer” the console to get it back in working order. Now, the console is capable of playing games off of the built-in CD-Rom drive.

You may know Ben Heck from his work on several console laptops, which have made headlines in the past due to the excellent craftsmanship of the devices. You can take a look at his videos through his official Youtube channel.