The New Code Vein Trailer Gives Us A Brief Glimpse At Combat

The New Code Vein Trailer Gives Us A Brief Glimpse At Combat

Konami released an announcement trailer for their upcoming game Code Vein, which shows off some of the gameplay you can expect to see when it rolls out next year.

In what can be described as “Dark-Souls” combat, Code Vein looks to appeal to those who are in the mood for a difficult experience. With that said, the developers have kept quiet on what type of difficulty level we can expect to find from Code Vein, so this is purely speculation. We invite you to check out the gameplay trailer below, to form an opinion for yourself.

What makes Code Vein unique is the game’s art style. It appears to be inspired of traditional JRPG’s, using anime as a point of reference for the game’s environments and characters. The game looks graphically stunning and we can’t wait to hear more information in the coming months.

As it stands, the game is still deep in development but the team is hoping to release it in 2018. From what we uncovered in our previous article, the game is just 35% developed, so time is still a factor for this title.

Code Vein is planned to release for “Major home consoles” next year, presuming that would include the Xbox One and Playstation 4.