The New Beat-Em-Up UPPERS Is Coming To PC

The New Beat-Em-Up UPPERS Is Coming To PC

A new beat-em-up is coming to Steam. With looks reminiscent of modern day anime, and the art-style close to Persona, This game is sure to catch some eyes.  Coming from XSEED games, who are responsible for plenty of other anime style games, they don’t seem to be slowing down with the release of Uppers.

Set on the otherwise deserted island of Last Resort, UPPERS puts players in control of up to 13 characters in perpetual combat against battle-hungry punks who freely stalk the island looking for trouble, accompanied by a squad of thrill-seeking girls determined to see their favourite fighter as the victor. Follow the multi-layered story of violence, betrayal, and redemption as these brawlers fight to be the strongest on Last Resort Island.

The Wait Is Over

Uppers has been a very long awaited title for fans with Japan receiving a PlayStation Vita version in 2016. A Western version was announced in 2018. Thankfully, for fans of XSEED Games and their series, it seems that wait is finally over. Fans can now enjoy some good old-fashioned beat-em-up gameplay. Fans will also enjoy the updated graphics and quality, with the new PC version remastered with 1080p resolutions and above and support for 60 FPS gameplay.


Each fighter will bring their A-Game. Uppers offers a variety of playing styles from 13 different characters. From different combos and special moves, and even different fighting styles from Kickboxing to Wrestling. Uppers will also utilize the use of “Prop” attacks, used in games like Injustice and Mortal Kombat.

Use your background environments to throw cars, throw bicycles, throw motorbikes or choose to slam-dunk your opponent into a manhole or uppercut him into a passing by Helicopter! Descriptions of gameplay also suggest that there may be some fan interaction with the players characters as well. Uppers will release for $29.99 on October 21st, 2020.

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