The Medium Launches Soon For Xbox Series X|S and PC

The Medium Launches Soon For Xbox Series X|S and PC

It has been a good while since we have gotten a good psychological horror, especially one that seems to be as revolutionary for the genre as The Medium, developed by Bloober.

Luckily, we wont have to be waiting for so long anymore because we have finally gotten a date for its release. It’s near Christmas, so parents/husbands/wives, this makes a nice stocking stuffer.

The Medium is an upcoming psychological horror game that seems to stand out well from other titles that share its genre, with a unique story and gameplay mechanics. In The Medium, you are living in two different worlds: the real one and the spirit one.

As a medium with access to both worlds, you have a wider perspective and can see more clearly that there’s no one simple truth to what others perceive. Haunted by the vision of a child’s murder, you travel to an abandoned hotel resort, which many years ago became the stage of an unthinkable tragedy. There you begin your search for difficult answers.

Nothing is what it seems, everything has another side. The Medium features a “dual” soundtrack by Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski and legendary composer Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame. You will be able to play The Medium and over 100 more high-quality games for one low monthly price with Xbox Game Pass.

If you are into psychological horrors, this title will most likely be ground breaking for you, or mind-breaking in this case. Releasing December 10th, 2020, get ready to visit the other side, and try not to lose your mind.

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