The Medium Gets A New 14 Minute Gameplay Video

The Medium Gets A New 14 Minute Gameplay Video

Horror specialists Bloober Team are back with another look into their upcoming Survival Horror game The Medium. They recently released an awesome 14 minute video that dives into the core gameplay.

With hints of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, The Medium is sure to captivate horror fans with its unique blend of dual gameplay and horror setting. Fan of Silent Hill are also in for a treat, as Bloober Team recruited series Composer Akira Yamaoka to write The Medium’s soundtrack.

In the video, Bloober Team takes us through a few key moments which really gives us a sense as to what to expect when the game launches later this month. The video follows protagonist Marianne as she explores the world around her. It’s all dark and gloomy, and really gives off that horror vibe – and that’s just the ‘real world’.

At certain points Marianne also traverses into a supernatural world, and on occasion she is in both worlds at once. It’s a brilliant and unique concept which is sure to build on the horror aesthetic. With puzzles to solve and various supernatural elements to overcome, The Medium is shaping up to be one of THE horror games of this console generation.

On the supernatural element, when exploring the two interconnect worlds Bloober Team have designed quite a cool concept. The screen enters a form of split-screen as we control Marianne in both these worlds at the same time. With the real world displayed at the top, and the supernatural world underneath. It’s a clever design which, as far as we can tell from the video works  flawlessly.

The Medium is coming to Windows PC and Xbox Series X on January 28th, 2021 and will also be part of Microsoft’s Gamepass service.

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