The Division 2 Announces First Major Expansion

The Division 2 Announces First Major Expansion

All games marketed as a “service” go through changes. Sometimes a release goes as planned and the game is fine from the get-go, but that’s rare. Most of them are more likely to start at an underwhelming place, only to grow as tweaks (or outright shifts) move it along. No Man’s Sky accomplished this, though it took a couple of years to do so.

However, even a studio that has a game doing great (Fortnite) will consistently update with new content; this keeps the game fresh and people will  continue coming back to play it. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that during a developer livestream Ubisoft revealed the first major expansion to The Division 2. Entitled “Warlords of New York”, that aims to overhaul things like looting and exploration.

As the title suggests, the player will be back in New York. 8 months after the initial virus outbreak from The Division, this time the player will traverse Lower Manhattan. There is a new campaign that will task you with travelling new areas, along with more activities (in both New York and D.C.) to complete after those missions.

There will be a level cap of 40 and loot will include more types of gear, including “god-rolls”. For all aspects of the DLC, you can check out The Division 2‘s website. “Warlords of New York” will release on March 3rd, 2020 and will cost $30. But that’s not all– The Division 2‘s base game is on sale for $3 at the moment. You can find it in the online store of the system of your choice.

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