Temtem Long-Term Roadmap Released

Temtem Long-Term Roadmap Released

Who needs a link cable these days? Not the players of Temtem, I tell you what. Long gone are the days of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with people you want to battle against. Good thing, too. Human contact is scary. Temtem is a creature-collection adventure MMORPG inspired by Pokémon that has been picking up traction since it hit early access in January. Developer Crema has released a roadmap detailing plans for the future, including a spring 2021 full launch.

Combat in Temtem

Following the short-term roadmap announced on twitter, Crema has come out with a fully detailed plan for the next year. This plan isn’t concrete, mind you, as the developers are “not really big fans of having public dates for everything…” They go on to say, “they add a lot of unnecessary pressure on the team and they make making changes and swapping features around a very difficult task.” In a world of title delays this is a smart take to have. I personally would rather have a finished project I enjoy than an on-time release that makes me go, “blech!”


Let’s get into some of the juicy bits, shall we? Short Term Temtem roadmap! An ELO based player rating system will be in the game’s matchmaking, with pansun rewards eventually being implemented. Also in ranked will be an auto-scaling. Tems will have their level increased to the current cap, and players will be responsible for gear and egg-based techniques on their own. This is common place in MMOs these days (think The Old Republic), and in truth is a smart way to get competitive players into the scene quickly.


TemTem Midterm Roadmap

In the more mid-to-long term scheme of our Temtem roadmap there will be Dojo Wars. Each island will have a Club Dojo that you can challenge each week and decorate in your clubs fashion for as long as you hold it. A trading house is also in the game already, but are currently inaccessible. Players will be able to treat this as an auction house with features like random trades that may or may not be included at launch.

Matchmaking will also undergo a second development. Leagues and/or rank titles for players to play within that will have end of season rewards dependent on position. Again, another clever and common way to keep competitive players invested in ranked play.

We’ve got a Nuzlocke! Hardcore Pokémon fans know that a Nuzlocke run involves only catching the first creature you see per route. It also means that once a creature is defeated it becomes unusable again (aka dead) for the rest of the game. This adds a level of challenge to the game that gives the more masochistic gamers something to look forward to. Temtem is going to be adding its own spin on the run, allowing one or two Tems to be caught per area, and will have them permanently released upon defeat. Nuzlocke will be on a different instance with limited trading, but PVP will still be a thing. I am so hyped for this!

Complete Map

TemTem Full Term Roadmap

There are multiple other features in the Temtem roadmap, including end-game, added Tems, cosmetics, and more. Console release is expected to be ready for 1.0 launch. Remember, none of these dates are set in stone, so don’t get huffy if something doesn’t appear in game when you want it to. What are you most excited for? Going to risk the heartbreak of losing your favourite Tem in a Nuzlocke? Let us know over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account. For more gaming news you can keep up to date at Informed Pixel.