Telltale Announces Season 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode

Telltale Announces Season 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode

A second season of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode is releasing next month, offering another five episodes to continue the Minecraft adventure.

The first episode titled “Hero in Residence” will be the first of five episodes released for Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2. All of the choices made throughout Minecraft: Story Mode will transfer easily into the second season, but newcomers won’t feel out of place if they missed out on the previous season.

Here is a synopsis straight from Telltale:

Now that Jesse and the gang have vanquished the Wither Storm, saved the world, and become totally super famous heroes, life has gotten a bit more…complicated. With more responsibilities and less time for adventure, old friendships have started to fade — at least until Jesse’s hand gets stuck in a creepy gauntlet that belongs to an ancient underwater temple. Together with old pals and new comrades alike, Jesse embarks on a brand new journey filled with tough choices, good times, and at least one temperamental llama.

A lot of the same voice actors will return for Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2, including Patton Oswalt, Catherine Taber, Ashley Johnson, and Scott Porter. There will also be some cameos appearing throughout the storyline including Stampy Cat, one of the gaming personalities on Youtube.

The game will see a digital release for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC/Mac, iOS, and Android, with a retail release coming later this Fall. Interestingly enough, Telltale has not announced a release for the Nintendo Switch. We have reached out to Telltale as for a reason why.

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 will premiere on July 11th, 2017 for most current gaming platforms.