Team17 Goes Back In Time With Techno Adventure Narita Boy

Team17 Goes Back In Time With Techno Adventure Narita Boy

International games label Studio Koba and Team 17 have revealed that they are joining forces in order to publish the debut title for the Spanish studio, Narita Boy. It’s a mystical side-scrolling techno-tale game that’s a love letter to the 1980’s era of games.

It features a heavily story driven adventure that will take you to an inception-like game inside a game, where you’ll take on powerful and challenging bosses. Players will have to use their whit’s to uncover the secrets of the Digital Kingdom, and eventually its creator.

Narita Boy will put players into the shoes of a chosen digital warrior who is destined to wield a legendary weapon known as the Techno-Sword, a weapon that is capable of defeating the most powerful of foes.

Wielding this weapon and getting assistance from the spiritual leader of the Digital Kingdom, who is known as the Motherboard, you’ll face corrupted enemies and gigantic bosses. This is all to save the techno world from the invading Stallions, a group of rogue code bent on ruling.

On your grand journey, you will also explore long forgotten memories of the creator that reveals his story, from his earliest years in Japan, all the way to the ultimate creation of the Digital Kingdom.

Narita Boy is set to release this spring on a whopping amount of platforms, that includes PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will also come out on release day with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console.

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