Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Welcomes Minecraft Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Welcomes Minecraft Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans will be happy to know that Minecraft’s Steve and Alex will be joining the fighting roster in October 2020. Using a unique set of moves, it’ll be time to dominate your foes using all kinds of blocky goodness.

Use your Minecraft sword, axe and pickaxe as part of your move-set and strengthen your weapons during play. Harvest materials from the stage’s surface, such as: dirt, gold, iron, wood and diamond to craft various upgrades. Interestingly, the materials that you mine will depend on the stage you are in. For example, a Star Fox stage will help you get plenty of iron, while the Kongo Jungle stage will get you plenty of wood.

Minecraft fans will notice that Enderman and Zombie will be available as alternative skins. In total there will be six different skins between Steve and Alex for players to sink their teeth into. In addition to this, seven musical tracks and a new stage will also be available when it all goes live.

The gift that keeps on giving

So, apart from Minecraft’s Steve and Alex, fans have been getting intermittent additions to the character roster for some time now. We have seen a variety of characters join the fight, such as; Bayonetta, Cloud, Hero, Joker, Terry and many more.

Interestingly, Microsoft has already had one of their other IPs enter the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fray; Banjo-Kazooie. Banjo-Kazooie, was the first Microsoft character(s) to the game and now with the Minecraft addition on the way, it seems the Microsoft and Nintendo partnership is still going strong.

Expect to control our blocky heroes on October 13th at $5.99. However, Steve and Alex will be available as part of the Fighter Pass Vol. 2DLC for $29.99. For a wider array of gaming news, visit Informed Pixel and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.