Super Meat Boy getting physical PS4 release in Europe

Super Meat Boy getting physical PS4 release in Europe

Yesterday, a listing went up on Amazon UK for a physical Playstation 4 copy of tough-as-nails indie legend Super Meat Boy, due out for release on April 29th, and costing £20.

Initially, it was unknown whether this was confirmed or not, as online retailers have been known to jump the gun and put up odd, nonexistent listings every now and again. Even Team Meat developer Edmund McMillen responded with confusion when IGN inquired about it, stating that he’s “99% sure it’s false.”

Fortunately, he later jumped back in, saying that he was wrong, and there will be a physical release of the game overseas, meaning that European fans of the game can get their hands on a hard copy.

There was no mention of a North American release though, and considering that McMillen specified that it’s only overseas, it looks unlikely that the meaty hero will physically grace American shelves anytime soon.