Super Mario Maker Coming To The Nintendo 3DS

Super Mario Maker Coming To The Nintendo 3DS

In a rather unexpected move, Nintendo is bringing the former Wii U exclusive to the 3DS.

The handheld version looks to be exactly the same as the console game. You can place enemies, blocks, power-ups, and more to create your very own Mario levels. That’s not to say that Super Mario Maker is just like any level editor because it’s filled with secrets and tons of unique quirks waiting to be discovered. The 3DS version does bring one new thing to the table though: wireless local connectivity. If you have a friend with Super Mario Maker on the 3DS, you no longer need to worry about dealing with their convoluted online system, as levels can be exchanged locally.

This is after the game’s successful launch on the Nintendo Wii U last year, with us stating “When you hear Super Mario Maker, you assume that everything about the game will be for making levels but when you boot up the game and find everything which I stated above, your expectations are not only met – they are exceeded.” in our review. You can read our full review coverage here.

Super Mario Maker is hitting the 3DS this December 2nd.