Super Mario Maker Bundles Announced; 8-Bit Mario Amiibo Releasing Soon

Super Mario Maker Bundles Announced; 8-Bit Mario Amiibo Releasing Soon

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker will sport some fancy new bundles along with a release date for the 8-Bit Mario Amiibo.

Lets talk about the 8-Bit Mario Amiibo first. The Amiibo will be available in two different versions: The Brown & Red Mario Colors titled ‘Classic Style’ and a Blue & Red style called ‘Modern Style’, to reflect the colours of the modern day Mario. The ‘Classic Style’ Amiibo will launch on September 11th in Europe and September 12th in Austrailia while the ‘Modern Style’ Amiibo will be available on October 23rd in Europe and October 24th in Austrailia.


Photo of the two Amiibos. ‘Classic Style’ and the ‘Modern Style’ respectively

Nintendo has also announced a couple bundles which will be made available alongside the release of Super Mario Maker. A WiiU Console Bundle which will include a copy of Super Mario Maker, a 32GB Black WiiU, a Hardcover Artbook & The ‘Classic Style’ Amiibo will be made available on September 11th, 2015 for Europe and September 12th, 2015 for Austrailia.

Nintendo will also release a Super Mario Maker Limited Edition Pack, which will sport a copy of Super Mario Maker, the Hardcover Artbook, and the Classic Amiibo on the same dates listed for the WiiU Bundle.

Sadly, we have yet to hear if these bundles will be making their way to North America. The Mario Amiibo however should be on retail shelves on September 11th, 2015 as this is when the game will be released in North America. We will keep you updated as we hear more information.