Summer Games Done Quick Raises Over $1.2 Million

Summer Games Done Quick Raises Over $1.2 Million

The successful event, Summer Games Done Quick, has raised a staggering $1,231,954.89 for the charity Doctors Without Borders.

For those who are unaware, Summer Games Done Quick is a annual weekend long live stream of speed-runs on various games. Games like Luigi’s Mansion, Metroid, Halo, Legend of Zelda are showcased as competitors compete to beat video game records. While the games are being played, viewers via twitch can choose to donate for a chance to win some exclusive prizes like a Playstation 4, New Nintendo 3DS XL, figures, posters and more. You can see a full breakdown of the prizes here.

This year, there were a total of 28453 donations, with the largest donation being $21,498.00 and the average donation being $43.30. Viewers of the event most likely watched the Super Metroid race which alone raised $359,941.62.

This is amazing news as it’s another great example showing that video games are a viable means of raising money. Let’s hope that future Games Done Quick events are just as, if not more successful!