Street Fighter V Summer Update Reveals New Characters

Street Fighter V Summer Update Reveals New Characters

Summer news time! Particularly of the punchy kick variety. Okay, there is more than just punching and kicking, but that’s not the point. Coming from Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Mastumoto the new Street Fighter V Summer Update reveals new characters and more.

The update jumps right into character introduction after a brief introduction of our two news humans, so let us do the same. The first character is none other than Dan himself. Yup, the lovable, overconfident, and goofy master of “Saikyo-ryu” is coming back once more. Complete with his ever-famous taunt for people to weasel into combat.

Street Fighter V Summer Update Dan

Taking a quick break before the next character reveal we are sent over to Street Fighter League casters Vicious and Tasty Steve who have some news about SFL Season 3. Starting in October 6 teams of 3 will compete over 16 weeks in the SFL US circuit, with the Japanese circuit returning this fall. No date is set for the World Finals yet, but the Capcom Cup is teased for early 2021.

Next up we have AEW Wrestler Kenny Omega dropping the next character reveal. Who better than the self-proclaimed “greatest Japanese, Canadian, SFV player probably of all time in mankind’s history”? With a little game involving decorating his office with Street Fighter characters and pausing to give viewers time to guess he eventually grabs? A rose plushie. The fortune telling tarot card wielding character from the Alpha series and Street Fighter IV is returning.

Street Fighter V Rose

Now he doesn’t start off with the character reveal, mind you. No no, that would be too easy. First he decides to announce that in collaboration with AEW Wrestling two new shirts are going to be available from The first showcasing an arcade showdown between Dan Hibiki and Kenny Omega, with the latter putting the hurt on the former. The next shirt in the lineup shows AEW’s The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega facing off against Ken, Ryu, and Akuma in commemoration of their cosplays last year.

Next up in our line of new characters being announced is the immortal hermit Oro. The one-armed, magic wielding, permanently sourpuss faced martial artist last made an appearance in the Street Fighter III series, and has been kind of a cult favourite since then. His move sets are strange, and he uses supernatural powers (I mean I suppose everybody does). He uses magic to restrict one of his arms to give his opponents a fair chance, and has lived for over 140 years. You’d have a grimace on your face if you were around that long, too. LOOK AT IT!

Street Fighter V Oro

The last character announced, while inside of the Street Fighter universe, has actually never appeared in a Street Fighter game. Rival Schools’ own Akira Kazama is making her way onto the scene. Already being acquainted with Street Fighter’s Sakura made her the clear choice to bring over. Both Akira and Rose will be getting their own stages designed for themselves to be released later.

The order these characters have been mentioned is pertinent, actually. Each character will be releasing at different times. Dan will release first in Winter 2020, with the rest of the characters releasing in order in 2021. This includes a yet unannounced character releasing next fall. In addition over 30 new costumes will be releasing. These are all for the Champion Edition of Street Fighter V.

As such, there is a digital sale running right now for those looking to pick up the game. The standard game will be 60% off, with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition or its upgrade to Champion Edition being 25% off. If you would like more detailed information check out this roadmap. Go punch some things! Digitally, punch them digitally. Social distancing is still very real.

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