Street Fighter V “A Shadow Falls” Update Announced; Releases Tomorrow

Street Fighter V “A Shadow Falls” Update Announced; Releases Tomorrow

Capcom announced a new title update for Street Fighter V which will be available to all Playstation 4 and PC players starting tomorrow, July 1st, 2016.

The new update titled A Shadow Falls will bring a new story expansion which takes place between the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. According to Capcom, this will be the first time that a cinematic storyline experience like this one has been available in a Street Fighter title.

An update to the in-game currency shop will be added to Street Fighter V, which will enable players the ability to purchase content such as characters, stages and costumes using real world money. This will speed up the process for obtaining content in the game without the constant grind for ‘Fight Money’.

In addition to the story expansion, A Shadow Falls will also include two new characters which you can purchase using in-game currency or real-world money. Capcom has the full breakdown of each character below:

Balrog: Announced earlier this week, Balrog is one of the most iconic characters in Street Fighter history, first appearing as a boss character in Street Fighter II. He’s always been one of the most vicious characters to ever appear in the series, using his devastating boxing style and questionable tactics to do whatever it takes to win a fight. Balrog’s playstyle in Street Fighter V puts the focus on his powerful punches, and with the use of his V-Trigger, he can chain these attacks together to deal some serious damage.

: Also being added to the SFV roster, Ibuki is a very tricky, technical character with loads of new ninjutsu tricks up her sleeve. Ibuki is a mobile character with various target combos, but now she has even more ways to mix-up the opponent with the ability to glide through the air and toss out ninja bombs, making it very difficult to predict where she will land and where her next attack will come from.

Two new stages will become available through the update, as well as a set of premium battle costumes for each character both of which you can purchase using the in-game currency shop.

Street Fighter V is available for the Playstation 4 and PC.