Steep Announced by Ubisoft

Steep Announced by Ubisoft

In Ubisoft’s E3 2016 press conference, they announced a brand new game, this one focusing on mountains, extreme sports, and an immense amount of dangerous stunts.

In Steep, players are given free reign of the Swiss Alps, being able to parachute in from any location and traverse the snow-covered land with the help of skis, snowboards, and even a wingsuit, evoking thoughts of Pilotwings as we see the character in the trailer sweep around the vast mountain landscape.

Steep differentiates itself from other winter sports games with not only the expansive open landscape, but the ability to encounter other players in said environment, and challenge them to custom challenges that you can fully create yourself.  Steep also puts a large focus on the social aspects of the game, allowing you to save, record, and modify the camera angles of your favorite stunt replays, created simply by examining the path your character leaves in the world after a descent from the mountaintops.

Steep has not been given a proper release date, but we can expect it on shelves this December.