Starcraft Remastered Launching Summer 2017

Starcraft Remastered Launching Summer 2017

Blizzard is giving the original Starcraft game a facelift and re-releasing the game this Summer.

Some of the game’s new features include a fully remastered experience to fit the modern generation of gaming, including support for 4K UHD displays. Blizzard is even going as far as to remaster the game’s engine, something that is impressive all on its own.

Upon its release, Blizzard will also include the addition of matchmaking and custom keybindings; something that was missing from the original game. Of course, the game will launch with support for Windows 7/8.1/10 operating systems, meaning compatibility issues that may arise from the original version would be resolved.

To celebrate the announce, Blizzard is bringing an update to Starcraft: Brood War later this week. The update includes many of the additions coming to StarCraft Remasters, such as those custom keybindings, anti-cheat systems, and compatibility improvements for later operating systems we spoke about earlier. Better yet, the StarCraft Anthology, packaging StarCraft, and the Brood War expansion are now free to download and play, so fans feeling nostalgic should give it a play through before the remastered version arrives this Summer.

Starcraft releases as a PC exclusive in Summer 2017.