Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 Patch Released

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 Patch Released

Developer RSI has released a new patch for the popular Sci-Fi game Star Citizen! Titled “Asset on Stanton”, this new patch comes with a plethora of new features; including new ships, tools, and more content in general!

New refinery decks have been added to a number R&R space stations; which will now allow you refine ore yourself without using credits on mining expeditions! Alongside this, new Gas Cloud environments are also being added throughout the universe that will hide ships and make for great escapes!

A Greycat Multi-Tool tractor beam upgrade will allow you to lift up 250 kg, which will make for easier payload management. Thankfully, mining will also become easier with new UI improvements that makes rock-breaking easier to manage and control; especially with the additions of graphics and better visibility.

The Esperia Talon & Shrike is the newest ship addition to Star Citizen. The ship is a highly manoeuvrable light fighter that is built for surprise attacks; with a little disappearing act for good measure. Additionally, new weapons such as the Gemini A03 Sniper Rifle & Behring FS-9 LMG are being added as well!

A few AI improvements are being made with this patch as well; primarily focusing on security response with weapon usage and countermeasures. This will make enemy engagements deadlier than ever before; especially with new targeting systems that make combat feel more realistic.

Most excitingly, dynamic events are being added as a new feature; which will introduce unique new missions and server wide events! These will begin shortly after launch after the patch has been fully established within the game!

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Star Citizen is now available on the official website for Windows PC, with starter packs ranging between $40-$80. Read all about the nitty and gritty Alpha 3.12 Patch notes here for even more information from the RSI team!

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