Spider-Man: Miles Morales Will Include A Spider-Cat

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Will Include A Spider-Cat

With the two new console releases fast approaching, there has suddenly been a deluge of news. Sony in particular has been a little more active in showcasing their console; they had a tear-down video release recently. There is still no look at the User Interface or other important factors, but it at least showed why the console is the size it is– a large fan.

There has also been more focus on the release titles that will ship alongside the PlayStation 5. One of the more anticipated games is the new Spider-Man addition/standalone. As if the game itself weren’t enough to excite people, it turns out that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will include a Spider-Cat.

No Spider-Pig?

That may sound disturbing to some of you…this is Halloween and all. But its not exactly what it sounds like. Like the original Spider-Man game on the PlayStation 4, the new iteration will have multiple suits for the players to choose from. This will not only alter the look of the character, but will sometimes add unique abilities. What kind of abilities? Well, there is one suit that will allow for some companionship. Who knew Spidey got so lonely?

In the game, after rescuing a cat, the player will earn a suit in which the cat will travel around with them in a backpack. Better yet, the cat is also named Spider-Man and even wears his own little mask! The player can use the cat to attack enemies during finishing moves. How many of these moves there are isn’t specified, but I don’t think it matters much. Most people are probably sold on the cat wearing a mask alone. I know I am.

Insomniac Games will release Spider-Man: Miles Morales alongside the PlayStation 5 in November 2020. Unfortunately, Insomniac has already stated that there will be no free upgrade for those who own Spider-Man on PlayStation 4.

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