Sony Has Sold Over 30 Million Playstation 4’s So Far

Sony Has Sold Over 30 Million Playstation 4’s So Far

Yup, that sounds about right. Sony has been very diligent in ensuring that their customers are happy, and its beginning to show. Since the PS4’s launch in November 2013, the general response from users has been very positive and has been showing a lot of promise with this generation of the console races. As a day 1 owner of the system I can attest to its relative excellence. It isn’t always a smooth road, but the system has a great line up of games and its proven to be one of my favorite consoles (yes, *one* of my favorite consoles. The Gamecube still stands tall. Sorry Sony). But with all that being said lets look at the facts.

On Wednesday, Sony announced that they’ve sold a grand total of 30.2 million units which is quite impressive when considering how ugly the console wars were these past few years. Microsoft’s last sales announcement put them at a humble 10 million with Nintendo selling just as many.

Sony’s dominance seems to stem from a multitude of reasons, I’m sure we don’t have to go over what happened at E3 when the consoles were showcased, as that was honestly a marketing MOLLYWOPPING, but outside of that its easily apparent that the system is thriving in this new era with all its features and games, I guess it also helps when you slash the price of the console by $50 JUST as we start to hit the holiday season.

What will be interesting to see is how well they market their exclusives as I have yet to see anything for the PS4 that isn’t already available for multiple platforms or coming to other platforms in the near future and honestly, I have yet to be intrigued by even half of the exclusives lined up for the system. At any rate, Sony stays on top for now and we’ll see how this pans out after the holidays.