Skully Is Now Available On PC And Consoles

Skully Is Now Available On PC And Consoles

The 3D platforming adventure indie title Skully is now out and available on all current platforms including PC. The newest game from Modus Games has hit store shelves and the Steam store with simple new character. A skull! 

So what is Skully about? Well you play as a skull named Skully, who has washed up from on a mysterious island. Skully has been reawakened by some enigma god named Terry and is now a living clay skull (bizarre, huh?).

However, all is not well, as you were created to butt into a war between the god’s three siblings, who could cause the complete destruction of the island they call home. You must travel around the island and stop the gods.

So gameplay is sort of a combination between Jak and Daxter and Super Monkey Ball, as you roll around collecting flowers, which are the collectables of the game. You use clay trolls to solve platforming puzzles similar to the Eco power ups in Jak, whilst avoiding water that will kill you should you fall in. 

As you roll around the island, your new godly friend Terry will talk to you, whilst you learn about the godly family conflict and what started it. The game also comes with a few comedic moments to break up the seriousness of the war.  

With over 18 levels in 7 different districts, ranging from your simple forest to volcano environments, full of enemies hunting you down, all increasing in difficulty as you enjoy trying to beat the game. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful breathtaking world and calming music. 

Skully is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (physical and digital versions on all consoles) and Steam at $29.99 so let’s enjoy a sweet, simple and above all else fun platformer. 

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