Six New Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon

Six New Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon

The Pokemon Company has released another trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, revealing six new Pokemon.

The first to debut was Wimpod, a Bug/Water type Pokemon with the new ability Wimp Out. Wimp Out allows the user to either run away or switch Pokemon when it’s HP drops below half.

Next, we have Bounsweet, a pure Grass-type. Bounsweet will contain the abilities Leaf Guard or Oblivious. Leaf Guard prevents any status problems to the Pokemon while in sunny weather while Oblivious makes the user immune to infatuation, making Pokemon moves such as Charm null and void.

Comfey is our third Pokemon revealed. This Fairy-type Pokemon will feature either Flower Veil or Triage as Pokemon abilities. Flower Veil in previous Pokemon games has prevented the lowering of any ally Grass-Type Pokemon effects. Triage prioritizes restoration moves such as synthesis, making for a great asset to several grass-type Pokemon.

Then we have Mudsdale, the ground-type Pokemon. This horse-like Pokemon will feature the ability Own Tempo or Stamina to assist with combat. Own Tempo makes the Pokemon immune to confusion while Stamina will make the Pokemon’s defense go up by 1 whenever it is hit by an attack.

Beware, the cute but ferocious pink Bear was revealed this morning. Featuring either Fluffy or Klutz as Pokemon abilities, Beware promises to make a great addition to any Pokemon party. The Fluffy ability halves the damage taken from attacks that make direct contact, but in return, it also doubles the damage taken from Fire-Type moves. Then Klutz doesn’t let the Pokemon use any held items.

Last but certainly not least, we have Mimikyu, a Pokemon disguised as Pikachu to make friends with other people and Pokemon. Mimikyu is our first ever Ghost/Fairy type. Unlike the other new Pokemon announced today, Mimikyu can only have one ability, Disguise. This new ability allows the Pokemon to escape from an enemies attack just once, after which it’s appearance changes.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is set to release this November 18th in North America.

Source: Youtube (Via