Shenmue III Final Paid DLC is The Big Merry Cruise

Shenmue III Final Paid DLC is The Big Merry Cruise

2020 has been a good year for Shenmue III players. Each month has seen new DLC for them to play, with Battle Rally in January, and the Story Quest Pack in February. The third and final DLC is arriving soon, so prime those forklift skills.

Entitled The Big Merry Cruise, this new addition has a cruise ship sail into Niaowu’s vicinity. By boarding this new ship, the player can get involved in “various types of entertainment”. While vague, the photos show what looks to be a race table, so it will have a casino aspect that will probably be higher stakes than those that are already in the game.

There will also be the usual Challenge Missions to complete, with new outfits for Ryo as rewards for completing mini-quests. The ship will be presented as a new area to explore, with its own set of characters.

The DLC will release March 2020, but those who want to save a little money can get the Shenmue III DLC collection for $14.99. Otherwise, it will be $3.99 for The Big Merry Cruise alone. Who needs alcohol on St. Patty’s Day?

Shenmue III was a crowdfunded game, raising over $7 million on Kickstarter before getting additional help from Sony and Deep Silver. In it, the player controls Ryo Hazuki while exploring an open world and searching for his father’s killer. Searching for clues, playing mini-games, fighting, working– it’s all part of the gameplay.

It has also has quick-time events, which depending on how you feel about those, might be enough to turn you away. The mini-games can be used to earn money, or as a more leisurely activity, e.g. chopping wood vs. fishing.

The Big Merry Cruise DLC will release on March 17th, 2020. Shenmue III is out now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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