Serious Sam 4 Announced for Steam and Stadia

Serious Sam 4 Announced for Steam and Stadia

Serious Sam 4 is exploding back into the first-person shooter scene with a blaze of glory! Last week Croteam released a new cinematic trailer showcasing the over the top tone of the game.

A development update featuring new gameplay videos was also shown off, giving us an updated look of the game. While Serious Sam 4 looks to double down on its classic FPS roots, it also sets itself to be bigger than ever.

Serious Sam 4 is a high octane sequel in the long running franchise of classic First-Person Shooter games. It follows Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily armed squad of misfit commandos as they defend a broken down Earth from the evil forces of Mental.

This is classic FPS action in its purest form, from huge guns, to large open arenas and nonstop hordes of enemies. Players can experience this insanity by themselves or with their friends with 4 player co-op. Croteam has also added a new feature called the “Legion System” which allows battlefields to be bigger than ever and feature literal thousands of enemies at one time.

Anybody who has played the Serious Sam games knows exactly how silly the games set out to be. The new cinematic trailer does nothing but further support that ridiculous identity of the series. From a marine smelling flowers, and peaceful music transitioning into metal, to Sam Stone himself riding an alien bull while shooting two large guns.

Players have also been able to see a brief look at the current gameplay build of the game in the Serious Sam 4 Summer Event videos on Steam. It is currently showcasing 5 videos composed of developers from Croteam, highlighting and discussing different aspects of the game. Alongside this summer event is a big sale on other Serious Sam titles to get players ready for the upcoming sequel.

Serious Sam 4 is set to launch August 2020 on Steam and Google Stadia exclusively, with Xbox and PlayStation versions releasing later in 2021. Keep up to date with the upcoming release by following the Serious Sam 4 Summer Event on Steam, visiting Croteam’s webstie and following the Croteam and Serious Sam Twitter accounts.

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